Have the people claiming Remus loving chocolate isn’t canon even read the books? Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 5. 


"Oh well, he always made a fool of himself whenever Lily was around," said Sirius, shrugging. "He couldn’t stop himself showing off whenever he got near her."
"How come she married him?" Harry asked miserably, "She hated him!"

"Well, a bit of advice for him - step one: don’t take suggestions from James Potter and he should do fine."


Achievement Hunter: A Summary. 


James and Sirius losing their shit over how punk their friend’s son is. (x)


"Oh, [Lily] got a letter just like that and disappeared off to that—that school—and came home every holiday
with her pockets full of frog-spawn, turning teacups into rats.” (PS, chapter 4)

"[Petunia] loved their neat square house at number four, Privet Drive. She was secure, now, from objects that behaved strangely, from teapots that suddenly piped tunes as she passed
 …” (Pottermore)

"Just like her son, Lily was not averse to testing the limits of the Statute of Secrecy, so you can safely assume she will have had a few warning letters – nothing too serious, though." (J.K. Rowling)

- this is all entirely compliant with the picture of Lily we’re given - vivacious, cheeky, funny and brave,  winding her sister up no end by enchanting household objects …and yet the poor girl continues to be characterised as a rule-abiding stickler. Why. WHY. 


Morning in Prague by Markus Grunau


Marauders Aesthetics: Remus Lupin

And how hard is it to land even a minimum-wage job? This year, the Ivy League college admissions acceptance rate was 8.9%. Last year, when Walmart opened its first store in Washington, D.C., there were more than 23,000 applications for 600 jobs, which resulted in an acceptance rate of 2.6%, making the big box store about twice as selective as Harvard and five times as choosy as Cornell. Telling unemployed people to get off their couches (or out of the cars they live in or the shelters where they sleep) and get a job makes as much sense as telling them to go study at Harvard.
"Why Don’t the Unemployed Get Off Their Couches?" and Eight Other Critical Questions for Americans (via seriouslyamerica)


star wars + iconic lines

Eight days.

Eight. 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - EIGHT.

Eight days until I can come home and fall asleep on my couch and bask in the air conditioning in my suburban America home. Eight days until shitty Chinese food and Pirates of the Caribbean. Eight days until i can focus on moving and Edinburgh. Eight days until boyfriend.



we call this “american mulan” in my home


female character challenge
day nine: a female character in a drama show
"i’ve spent the last three years trying to forget all the horrible things that happened on the day that we left. how dare you ask me to go back?"
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